Private Moscow

Private Moscow

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We will take on any case, solve any crime, uncover any secret.
We are Private. And we are the best.

An invitation from an old friend draws Jack Morgan into a deadly conspiracy. . .

On a cold January morning, Jack Morgan stands inside the New York Stock Exchange with his former US Marine comrade whose company is being launched onto the market, eagerly awaiting the opening bell.

But before the bell rings, a bullet rips through the air and finds its mark.

In the aftermath of the murder, the victim's wife hires Jack to find the killer. As the head of Private, Jack has at his disposal the world's largest investigation agency. What he discovers shakes him to his core. . .

Jack identifies another murder in Moscow that appears to be linked. So he heads to Russia, and begins to uncover a conspiracy that could have global consequences.

With powerful forces plotting against him, will Jack Morgan make it out alive?

Prasie for the Private series:

'An unmissable, breakneck ride into Moscow's dark underworld' 
James Swallow, bestselling author of Nomad

'Great action sequences . . . breathtaking twists and turns' 
Anthony Horowitz, bestselling author of Magpie Murders

'The first Private outing for couple of years, but it has been well worth the wait' 
Keighley News

'There is enough action, adventure and excitement to fill two chunky blockbusters in 
Private Moscow which makes for an exhilarating and totally satisfying read!' NB Magazine

'Exhilarating, high-stakes action set in sub-zero temperatures, but so fast-paced you will not have time to feel the chill' 
Lesley Kara, bestselling author of The Rumour


Readers love Private Moscow:

'Yet another amazing addition to the series . . . 
Screams action right from the word go' *****
True James Patterson style. Full of adventure, excitement and thrills' *****
'Another brilliant thriller from a 
master of the genre' *****
I loved every twist and turn' *****
'A fast-paced, well-plotted page-turner.
 I didn't expect anything less' *****
'This is 
exactly what I was hoping for and I wasn't disappointed' *****
'Action from the first page to the last . . . 
As always a page-turner' *****
exciting thriller by an amazing author' *****
'Certainly did not disappoint . . . 
Highly recommend' *****
'Can understand why he [Patterson] is considered 
one of the best, if not THE best in the game' *****
'Had me 
gripped and on the edge of my seat till the very end' *****
'It was 
all I have come to expect from this series . . . Highly recommended' *****
real page-turner worthy of the Patterson name' ****
Non-stop action . . . I found it hard to put down' ****
'The suspense and tension is raised . . . culminating in a 
thrilling high-octane ending' ****
'I was literally 
hooked from the first chapter' ****
 thrill-a-minute read with no dull moments' ****
A fast-paced, high-octane thriller' ****